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Thank you to this dear friend of mine for volunteering her children to be my underwater guinea pigs.  I had so much fun swimming with these two!!  

You know what’s my favorite?  When I get to do a session for some of our closest friends AND they just got a new puppy!  I posted a few of my favorites on social media right after we did this session.  However, the definitely deserve their own blog post, even if I’m a little late.  🙂

I figured since it is well into 2018 now that I’d update my blog with a couple of sessions I did before the holidays.  Here are some of my favorites of those cute Streelmans again.  

This little man has been such a baby supermodel ever since his newborn photos.  I love love love those long eyelashes and that sweet smile.  His parents are pretty cute too.  😉

Most days I feel like I’m a young whippersnapper that just graduated college.  However, when one gets an email from an old college swimming friend to do photos, and one calculates in one’s head how long it has been since she has seen said college friend…and the term decade is then used.  Well it makes ya feel a little less young and whippersnapperish.  Has it really been THAT long?

Regardless, it was super fun to catch up with this pretty lady and meet her sweet and adorable family.  

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