What’s more fun than photographing a brand new tiny human?  Doing so while in the company of your friends and giggling for hours over utter silliness.  Needless to say, I had SO MUCH FUN photographing Carter.  He is such a content and totally perfect baby, and has a family that is completely head over heals in love with him.  It made my heart go pitter patter just watching the way Sabrina looks at him.  Ahh…new love.

On a side note, I also must mention that they get major bonus points for feeding me and letting me use Aunt Michelle as my wonderful assistant.  Oh yeah baby!

Here are a few of my favorites.     

I know it doesn’t quite feel like it yet, but the autumn is upon us!  Before you get distracted by the cool breeze and the smell of pumpkin and spice in the air, it is time to book your fall photography session!  

As much as I would like to photograph all of your happy faces, I will (mostly) be sticking to my 2 session per month rule so spots are limited.  I unfortunately won’t be able to accommodate as many families as I have in the past, so if you want a session, act quickly!

Now for the fun part.  Just to show how much I love an early bird, I’m offering a $20 credit towards prints in my print shop to the first 3 people to grab a spot.  


Below are the available sessions and dates:  

Full Sessions:  $385 – You may choose either Saturday or Sunday on the available weekends.  Sessions will be about an hour long and be held in the evenings an hour before sunset at a location of your choice.  Full sessions include 20-30 edited high resolution photos.

Mini Sessions:  $260 – Only 3 of these sessions will be available and will ONLY be available at specified times on October 25 at Nichol’s Park in Gilbert.  Sessions are 30 minutes long and include 10 edited high resolution photos.

  • September 25th or 26th – Full Session  Booked!

  • October 3rd or 4th – Full Session  Booked!  

  • October 10th (Full Session)   Booked!

  • October 25th – Mini Sessions at Nichol’s Park
    • 4:15 pm – 4:45 pm
    • 4:45 pm – 5:15 pm
    • 5:15 pm – 5:45 pm  Booked!

  • November 1st – Full Session  Booked!

  • November 14th or 15th – Full Session  Booked!

Contact me at Mjeras@gmail.com to snag a session.  HAPPY FALL!



Its not everyday one gets to snuggle with brand new babies, so holy cow, am I grateful for such a lovely job perk!  Newborn Tristyn was just 8 days old on the day of the shoot, and is as sweet as they come.  The rest of the family was equally as sweet, and I’m sure if Tristyn could, she’d be giving a pretty big fist pump for being so lucky to be born into such a nice gang.  With 2 super fun and silly older sisters, and an awesome mom and dad, I’d look pretty content like this too…


Here are some of my other favorites from this session.


Remember the giveaway I had last month?  I NEVER have giveaways so this was a pretty big deal for me, and I have to say I was giggling with excitement to see who would win.  The challenge was to take a look at a series of photos on this blog and guess what the change was to my upcoming sessions.  I had a variety of creative guesses, (including several just silly guesses that I was expecting another baby!)

Well, my dear friend Michelle was the lucky winner, and in her words, “stalking your Instagram photos,” pays off.  That smarty pants guessed correctly that I would be incorporating film into my sessions in the future, and her prize was a child mini session on film.  Lucky for me, that meant I got to do a session with her super handsome and charismatic little man, Avery.

Not that I can say any of my session feel like “work,” but this one was so far the polar opposite of feeling like work it was just silly.  Avery and I went trailblazing through all the vegetation, climbed trees, and searched for dinosaurs in all the crevices of the park.  Did I mention Avery is a walking 5 year old dino encyclopedia?   So. much. fun.  

Here are some of my favorites of this little buddy of mine…

Gilbert, AZ photographer, family photographer, child, NicholGilbert, AZ photographer, family photographer, child, NicholGilbert, AZ photographer, family photographer, child, NicholGilbert, AZ photographer, family photographer, child, NicholGilbert, AZ photographer, family photographer, child, NicholGilbert, AZ photographer, family photographer, child, NicholGilbert, AZ photographer, family photographer, child, NicholGilbert, AZ photographer, family photographer, child, NicholGilbert, AZ photographer, family photographer, child, NicholGilbert, AZ photographer, family photographer, child, Nichol

“You must save them to a floppy they said.
And so, I did.

And then they stopped making floppy disks.

You must NOW save them to a CD or DVD, they said.
And so, I did.

And then Apple stopped making CD drives.

You must NOW save them to a hard drive or USB drive, they said.
And so, I did.

And then the hard drive failed to open and the USB drive reads empty.

You must NOW upload them to the cloud, they said.
And so, I did.

And there they sit today until the next thing comes along.

Meanwhile, the print over the fireplace looks down and smiles. And the family photo albums on the bookshelf nudge each other and giggle.”

-Lynn Cartia

This brilliant little ditty was recently shared on social media from Lynn Cartia and it is oh so relevant to a project that I just finished.  My good friend, Julie, recently asked me to restore a collection of old family photos.  This project had me so delighted, and with each photo I restored, my heart did a little happy dance.  Family history!  This is important work people!

Seeing all of those charming old photos, and playing a roll in keeping Julie’s family history safe, left me inspired, but also with the sudden dreaded feeling of “Oh crap.”

Yup, you know that feeling.  Where you know you have an important task to finish but you keep procrastinating, and then the swift realization that it is STILL not done.  Yeah that one.

What about MY family history?

For me that realization came in the form of “Oh crap, my children’s childhood photos are still 90% on a hard drive!”  I previously posted this blog on the importance of family history and printing your photos.  I vowed to print all of my photos.  I had good intentions, and to give myself a little credit, I did print some and got more hanging on the walls, but the majority of almost 6 years worth of photos still were not in a tangible form.

Hard drives are known for failing!  What if I lose any trace of evidence of those chubby wrists, the weird baby hair, messy faces, countless kid projects, vacations, and boat loads of milestones.

Nothing like panic setting in to put you into action.

Well, low and behold, I am relieved to say that I’m officially the proud owner of hard copies of my photos from 2009 until now.  Soon they will be organized in albums nudging each other and giggling should my technology ever fail.

Weight lifted.  Phew!  I feel better.

Ok back to Julie’s photos.  This really was so enjoyable to hear about all of the loved ones in the photos and to see all of the family resemblances.  I wanted share some before and afters of a few of the restorations.

M o r e   i n f o