Most days I feel like I’m a young whippersnapper that just graduated college.  However, when one gets an email from an old college swimming friend to do photos, and one calculates in one’s head how long it has been since she has seen said college friend…and the term decade is then used.  Well it makes ya feel a little less young and whippersnapperish.  Has it really been THAT long?

Regardless, it was super fun to catch up with this pretty lady and meet her sweet and adorable family.  

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I took Everly’s newborn photos and she was sleeping away in the little basket.  I blinked and now she is an awesomely spunky 2 year old!  I’m always honored when clients come back again and again, and its always such a treat to get to photograph kids as they grow and change.  Here are some shots from their session.

Here are a couple more cuties from the fall.  These two are good friends of my littles, so I had them take part in a competition…who could be more cooperative for photos this year, them or the Jeras kids.


Well, kind of like a mother will forget the challenge of labor after her baby is born, I’m hoping to forget the Everest-climbing-like determination it took to get through taking photos of my own children, so maybe one day I’ll try again.  It is safe to say Zach and Abby, that you guys won this one by a landslide.


And seriously, these two…I can’t get enough of their sweet sibling love…


…and freckles.  <3

As most of you know, I decided to take most of this past fall season off of photography because of our sweet new baby girl at home.  I only committed to the sessions that I had booked way back in the beginning of last summer.  As much as I truly missed ALL of my clients this year, I’m glad I got to see and photograph at least a couple of families, and I’m so happy one of them was the Streelmans.  Little Rhett has grown so much since his newborn shoot, and of course I had fun catching up with my friends.  I’m a little late sharing these, but alas, here they are.  

I had the pleasure of doing a newborn session for the Streelman family recently.  I can tell you there is no better way to get excited for your own baby’s arrival than to get to photograph a new perfect little baby like Rhett.  Not only was it so fun to go meet him and see my friends now grown into an adorable family of four, but to get to spend all the time editing the photos after got me super excited for our own baby’s arrival.

Staring and zooming in at those little new baby intricacies that go to the back of your brain as your babies grow older, was a great reminder of all of the adorableness that is about to come for us in June.   The little wrist wrinkles, chubby baby feet, and the tiny fingers that clasp anything that gets in their grip.  The way that his big sister Sophie looks at him with wonder, and now how all of a sudden she looks so big in comparison.  Best of all, how seamlessly Courtney and Kevin seemed to have evolved into parents of two kids just like that, and how Rhett just fits right into the family perfectly like he’s always been there.

Of course all of that meant that I ended up with way more photos than I needed.  Here are my many favorites.

M o r e   i n f o