About Me

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by making art.  I was the kid in high school that often spent lunch time in the ceramics room instead of the cafeteria, and who’s friends rarely got gifts that weren’t of the homemade variety.  That fascination eventually lead me to a fine arts degree from Arizona State University in 2004.  Although, I received a wide variety of artistic training in school, my focus was mostly on sculpture, particularly in the form of woods, ceramics, and mixed media.  I was lucky enough to have my sculpture work featured in a variety of museums and galleries across the country.  Although, I took classes in photography, at that point it wasn’t even on the radar.

In 2009 our son was born, then 2012 and 2016 brought two more daughters.  After baby number one, the wonders of motherhood took over and my creative outlets were replaced by things like snuggling, bedtime stories, and playdates.  Any creative energy was put towards dilemmas like how to make an important phone call without having to hide in the closet from the littles, or to figure out the most efficient way to fish all the toys out of the pool.    There was no time for art…that is until I started picking up the camera.  It didn’t take long until I found a new love in capturing family memories through photography.  Who wouldn’t with such meaningful, expressive, (not to mention adorable) and ever changing subjects?  I soon began offering photo sessions to friends as gifts, and that gradually evolved into Melissa Jeras Photography.

M o r e   i n f o