Welcome to the World August!

I walk away from pretty much every newborn session with a touch of baby fever.  However, I must say that adorable little August laid it on me thick!!  But for once baby fever is totally ok and welcome!  Thanks August!

This sweet boy was born in December on his due date (how is that for starting out life punctual?).  He also seems to have inherited his mom’s skills in front of the camera.  He was AWESOME during his session!  Mommy told him to smile, and then he would smile.  Mommy told him to sleep, then he would sleep.  Then Mommy told him to make us some coffee and he pulled out the french press and made us coffee.  (Ok maybe I’m stretching the truth a little but he might as well have because he was so helpful).

I loved this session so much.  My favorite photos are always the ones showing the closeness between mama and baby and you can definitely see this family feeling the love.  New love…what a beautiful thing.  


M o r e   i n f o